To protect your electronic equipment from voltage spikes and electrical surges, surge suppressors are crucial gadgets. We'll look at what surge suppressors do, why they're important, and the main distinctions between them and surge protectors in this post. We'll also offer insightful information about how important they are for safeguarding your priceless electronics.

What Does a Surge Suppressor Do?

A surge suppressor is a tool used to reduce voltage spikes or surges in an electrical circuit. It is sometimes referred to as a surge protector or surge arrester. Numerous things, like as lightning strikes, changes in the electricity system, or simply turning on and off powerful appliances, might result in these spikes. Surge suppressors function by rerouting extra electrical energy away from your delicate devices, stopping it from getting there and perhaps harming them.

You may plug in numerous electronic gadgets including computers, televisions, and home entertainment systems with these devices, which often have many outlets. They keep an eye on the electrical voltage flowing in, and if a surge is noticed, they safely redirect the extra energy to the ground to protect your equipment.

What Is a Surge Suppressor, and Why Is It Important?

Any comprehensive electrical protection system must include a surge suppressor like BE750G - APC Back-UPS BE750G 450-Watts. Its value comes from its capacity to protect your pricey and delicate devices from the damaging impacts of voltage surges. Your gadgets are susceptible to abrupt power spikes without surge protection, which can result in irreparable damage, data loss, or even fires in extreme circumstances.

Surge suppressors are necessary for the following reasons, among others:

Equipment Protection

Surge suppressors offer dependable protection against voltage spikes, assuring the safety of your electronic gadgets. By providing protection, you can avoid expensive repairs or replacements while extending the life of your equipment.

Data Preservation

Data loss today can have disastrous consequences. Surge suppressors protect your computers and storage devices from electrical surges, hence reducing the risk of data loss or corruption.

Fire Prevention

Certain electrical surges can produce heat, which can start fires. Surge suppressors are essential in lowering this risk and improving the safety of your home or place of business.


When compared to the possible costs of repairing or replacing damaged devices, surge suppressors are an inexpensive investment. They provide long-term savings and mental tranquility.

Difference Between a Surge Suppressor and a Surge Protector

Although "surge suppressor" and "surge protector" are frequently used interchangeably, their functionalities differ just a little. Even though both devices are intended to fend off electrical surges, a surge suppressor is more often than not designed to clamp down on voltage spikes and direct extra energy to the earth. A surge protector, on the other hand, provides extra functions like noise filtration and EMI/RFI shielding to guarantee the caliber of power delivered to your devices.


In conclusion, surge suppressors are indispensable for safeguarding your electronic equipment from the destructive effects of voltage spikes and surges. Their ability to protect against data loss, equipment damage, and fire hazards makes them a valuable addition to any electrical system. Remember to invest in high-quality surge suppressors and consider them an insurance policy for your valuable electronics.

For more information on surge suppressors and the variety of options available, check out our selection at Newtown Spares . Protect your electronics today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are safe from unexpected electrical surges.

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