The power supply unit (PSU) is the brains behind any networking gear operation, making sure that every device functions properly and efficiently. A variety of power supplies are available from Allied Telesis, a brand known for dependability in network infrastructure, and they guarantee both performance and longevity. Of their products, the AL-8360BTX and AT-CV5001AC are particularly notable as models that are well-suited to contemporary networking needs. We explore the salient characteristics of these power supplies in this post, demonstrating why they can be the ideal choice for your networking requirements.

Key Features of Allied Telesis AL-8360BTX 

Powerful and dependable, the Allied Telesis AL-8360BTX offers a dependable power source for a variety of networking devices. These are its most notable attributes:

High Efficiency:

The AL-8360BTX guarantees that no power is wasted, which translates into financial savings and a smaller carbon footprint. Its efficiency rating fulfills the strict requirements of today's energy-conscious environment.

Robust Build Quality:

The AL-8360BTX is made with durability in mind, meaning it will last a long time and work consistently even under the harsh conditions of continuous use.


This power supply is a flexible option for companies wishing to standardize their power sources across a variety of equipment because it works with a wide range of devices.

Output Stability:

A PSU's stability is essential, and the AL-8360BTX provides clean, stable power that is required to preserve the integrity of delicate networking devices.

Discover more about the AL-8360BTX and how it can support your networking infrastructure by visiting Allied Telesis AL-8360BTX.

Key Features of Allied Telesis AT-CV5001AC 

Another excellent power supply from Allied Telesis that is suited for converged networks is the AT-CV5001AC. Among its attributes are:

AC Power Alternative:

This PSU offers an AC power alternative, giving businesses that need this kind of power input options.

Tiny Form:

Without sacrificing power or economy, the AT-CV5001AC's tiny form makes it perfect for settings where space is at a premium.

Simple Integration:

It easily interfaces with current Allied Telesis products, guaranteeing a hassle-free and easy upgrade route for the power supply requirements of your network.


The AT-CV5001AC is renowned for its dependability and can be relied upon to maintain the uninterrupted operation of vital network components.

Learn more about the AT-CV5001AC's capabilities and how it can be integrated into your network by visiting 
Allied Telesis AT-CV5001AC.


The Allied Telesis AL-8360BTX and AT-CV5001AC power supplies are engineered to address the diverse needs of modern networks. With their robust build, high efficiency, and stable output, these PSUs are designed to deliver the reliability and performance that Allied Telesis is known for. Whether you are upgrading your current system or building a new network from scratch, these power supplies offer the quality and durability that is essential in today's fast-paced technology landscape.

By choosing Allied Telesis power supplies, you are investing in a future-proof network that values efficiency and reliability. Explore these models further through the links provided and take the first step towards a more resilient network infrastructure.

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